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Airport Guide 07 April 2023

Konya Airport Car Rental

Konya Airport Car Rental

Konya Airport Car Rental 

Are you planning a travel to Konya, one of the most beautiful and historical cities of Turkey? If your answer is yes, you can benefit from our Konya Airport car rental service, which is located about 18 km from the city center. You can easily rent a car from the airport with our Konya delivery service, which is the best part of our Konya car rental service. 

Why Should I Rent a Car at Konya Airport?

There are a few reasons why renting a car at Konya Airport is a great idea. First, you can get into your rental car as soon as you get off your plane and start exploring Konya at your own pace. Secondly, as soon as you get off the plane, there is no need to look for public transportation, giving you the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want. You can go wherever you want, whenever you want, without being restricted by public transportation schedules.  With your rental car from Konya Airport, you can easily visit popular tourist attractions such as Mevlana Museum, Alaaddin Mosque and Karatay Madrasa, and explore the beautiful countryside around Konya.

Konya Airport Car Rental Companies

Many car rental companies operating at Konya Airport offer a wide range of car rental options to suit your needs and budget. While having the car rental service at the Airport provides great convenience, it allows you to easily find and rent the most suitable rental car for your request, from economical rental cars to comfort rental cars. As GoodCars Rental, we rent a car to our customers arriving at Konya Airport with the best price guarantee. We also offer our customers the opportunity to make reservations months in advance with our early booking discounts in Konya car rental. In addition, our expatriates who want to rent a car by coming to Konya Airport from abroad benefit from our advantages such as free delivery and unlimited mileage.

Most Rented Cars at Konya Airport

Konya Airport is one of the most preferred airports by many local and foreign tourists due to its proximity to cities such as Aksaray and Antalya. Local and foreign tourists landing at the airport provide their transportation largely by rental cars. Our customers arriving at Konya Airport mostly prefer options such as Fiat Egea rental among suitable rental cars, Renault Megane rental and Dacia Duster rental among comfort rental cars. Among the suitable rental cars, Fiat Egea is one of the most preferred vehicles with diesel and gasoline fuel options. Its large interior and luggage volume especially meets the needs of our expatriates. Diesel Egeas for rent appeal to our customers who want to save money thanks to their low fuel consumption. Renault Megane, which is the most preferred by our customers who want to make a comfortable journey by renting a car from Konya Airport, provides an easy drive due to its automatic as well as diesel and gasoline fuel options. In addition, our customers who want a large vehicle prefer the rental Dacia Duster vehicle in the SUV segment.

Things to Consider When Renting a Car at Konya Airport

It is possible to rent a more affordable car with early booking: Konya Airport welcomes many local and foreign tourists for 12 months. Therefore, the number of customers who want to rent a car from Konya Airport is quite high. Customers who do not make early reservations and want to rent a car often cannot find a vehicle for their needs and have to pay higher prices for the vehicles they find. With GoodCars Rental's early booking opportunities, we offer you, our valued customers, the opportunity to rent the car you want months in advance at campaign prices.

Check the insurance policy: One of the most important issues in Konya car rental is the insurance policy and coverage of the rental car. Especially when renting a car, make sure you understand the insurance policy and insurance coverage offered by the company. All rental cars of GoodCars Rental are fully insured.

It is useful to examine the car rental contract carefully: When renting a car, carefully read the car rental contract offered by the company and familiarize yourself with all terms and conditions. Thus, you will know what you will face in case of a negative experience.

Check the rental car in detail: When you pick up your rental car from Konya Airport, be sure to examine its interior and exterior cosmetics. If there are any burns, tears, scratches and dents, ask them to be recorded by both you and the company officials. Thus, you will not have to worry about a problem that is not caused by you on the car rental return.

How to Book a Car Rental at Konya Airport?

There are several ways for our customers from GoodCars Rental to book their car rental at Konya Airport. Our customers can make their rental car reservation online via our website "" or they can make their reservations by contacting our call center at "+90 850 309 32 40" or whatsapp line. When creating a reservation on our website, the location where the rental car will be picked up and delivered, the pick-up and delivery time and the date of pick-up and delivery are entered. On the incoming page, the most suitable vehicle is selected and the Select Vehicle button is clicked. After filling in the required personal information, click on the create reservation button. The reservation process is completed with the approval of the managers. 

As GoodCars Rental, we provide services in Konya Airport car rental as well as Eskişehir Airport car rental and Ankara Esenboğa Airport car rental. With our free car delivery to many airports in Turkey, we are always at your side, especially for the rental car needs of our expatriates. As Konya rent a car, we have airport car delivery as well as city car delivery. Don't forget to make a reservation on our website or call center for a reliable and comfortable car rental experience!