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Individual Car Rental

Rent a car or car rental service has become important for individual customers and the number of individual car rentals is increasing day by day.

Individual customers can rent a car from GoodCars Rental on a daily, weekly or monthly basis in line with their needs and wishes, and benefit from GoodCars Rental's advantageous prices and the privileges of its large fleet of vehicles in their daily, weekly or monthly car rentals, 

Daily Car Rental

In daily car rental, which is one of the car rental options, car rental conditions should be carefully examined. Most of the car rental companies provide car rental services for at least 3 days. Although the daily car rental process is carried out over 24 hours, the vehicle must be delivered 24 hours from the time the vehicle is picked up. Dates and times are clearly stated in the car rental contract. Daily car rental prices may vary according to companies, season and vehicles. Minimum age and driving license period may vary between Rent A Car companies.

Monthly Car Rental

Monthly car rental service is a very advantageous car rental option and monthly car rental can be made from 1 month to 12 months. Customers who will rent a car monthly can benefit from early booking advantages. During the monthly car rental process, a car rental contract is made according to the delivery date determined. Especially for car rentals of 6 months or more, most rent a car companies remind the customer. 

What are the Differences Between Daily Car Rental and Monthly Car Rental Options?

Daily and monthly car rental transactions are carried out in a similar manner. Depending on the vehicle brand and model chosen, the age limit, deposit and driver's license period may vary. Monthly car rental is more favorable in terms of price compared to daily car rental. With the campaigns created in certain periods, customers who will rent a car both daily and monthly can rent a car at very advantageous prices.